Pastor ANM 009

Albert N. Martin

Throughout his nearly fifty years of ministry, Pastor Martin has been a recognized evangelist, counselor, pastor and preacher. In June of 2008, Pastor Martin stepped down from his role as one of the pastors at Trinity and he and his wife, Dorothy, relocated to Michigan. His labors include lecturing on Pastoral Theology in week-long modules which are being recorded for training men for the ministry, preaching at conferences and churches, and writing.

His books, Preaching in the Holy Spirit and Grieving, Hope and Solace, were recently published. A recent booklet entitled The Christian Wedding in a Changing World has been published by Chapel Library. He has three children, and seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Through his marriage to Dorothy, he has an additional five children, twenty-three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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Pastor Carlson

Bart Carlson

Pastor Carlson graduated from Trinity Ministerial Academy in 1992. After a brief time assisting churches in the Philippines he became an elder at Trinity Baptist Church in 1995 and since then has served the church in full-time preaching, teaching and pastoral duties.

Pastor Dave Chanski

David Chanski

When he graduated from Trinity Ministerial Academy, Pastor David Chanski moved from the northern New Jersey area. Since 1989, he served the Lord as Pastor of the Providence Reformed Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now, nearly 20 years after his departure, Pastor Chanski, with his wife and two of his children, has returned to Trinity Baptist Church to serve as one of our elders.

Pastor Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Pastor Smith has been an elder at TBC since 1990 and a member of the church since 1980. His responsibilities include pastoral counseling & oversight and teaching and preaching.