Our nation is in desperate spiritual need.

That need, in all its complexity, can only be truly met in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The only real hope for solving our moral and social problems as individuals and as a nation is in preaching and believing the gospel of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We do not need a social or a political or a psychological gospel. We need the true gospel found in God’s Word, the Bible. God’s Word, with all its terrifying threats and warnings as well as all its blessed promises and glorious hope, must be faithfully proclaimed to this generation.

The preaching of God’s Word to our nation must also be accompanied by our fervent prayers and supplication to God for his blessing upon his ordained message and method of proclamation.

Our hope is that God will bless those who visit this website as we present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the use of audio, video, and articles pertinent to our nation and to every individual.

Edited for Radio

God’s Word to Our Nation was the name of a radio broadcast ministry of Trinity Baptist Church. The broadcasts were sermons preached from the Trinity pulpit and edited for radio to a length of about 25 minutes. Some of these radio files are now available through our website here, and more will be added in time.

We invite you to keep visiting and to let others know about this resource.