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Why Christ Died

Pastor-D-Scott-MeadowsD. Scott Meadows

Do you know why Jesus Christ died on the cross? There are many true answers to this question: 1) His preaching was hated by powerful religious leaders, 2) His claims to a king were considered subversive by the Roman government, 3) A fickle crowd was whipped into a frenzy to prefer the criminal Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus.

But I wonder if you know, more specifically, what was God’s purpose in Christ’s death? What did God intend to accomplish, and actually accomplish by it? Many people have a vague idea, even in the church, but they cannot really explain it well. Let’s think about a great verse in Scripture that presents some of the most important reasons.
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Broken Cisterns 2

Albert N. MartinAlbert N. Martin

Following are a few excerpts from the series of messages on “God’s Word to Our Nation” preached in the 1980s by Albert N. Martin.


Contrary to all the sentimental mouthings of current lawyers, judges, sociologists, and even evangelical theologians, it is a slap at the dignity and uniqueness of man to let murdered people’s blood be unrequited. It says man is cheap. He can be snuffed out, and all you’ll pay for it is a few years of easy existence at the expense of hardworking taxpayers…

This land is polluted with blood. Not just a few clots from the blood of one innocent Abel slain at the hand of Cain…It is nothing less than a pool of blood from the children and adults who are wantonly murdered and whose murderers are not put to death—the murders that go on in this country by the dozens every single day—self-confessed, duly convicted murderers who yet live.
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