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Broken Cisterns

Albert N. MartinAlbert N. Martin

Following are a few excerpts from the series of messages on “God’s Word to Our Nation” preached in the 1980s by Albert N. Martin.

We have never been a Christian nation in the sense that the majority were in vital union with Christ. But we were a nation marked by national righteousness, and in that was our exaltation. “Righteousness exalts a nation.” And so powerful was the direct influence of the gospel through revivals, so widespread…the direct influence of the gospel upon our national life, that it was true of us as a nation. Righteousness exalted this nation.
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The Regenerated Heart

John_flavelJohn Flavel

Man, by the apostasy, has become a most disordered and rebellious creature, opposing his Maker, as the First Cause—by self-dependence; as the Chief Good—by self- love; as the Highest Lord—by self-will; and as the Last End—by self-seeking. Thus he is quite disordered, and all his actions are irregular. But by regeneration the disordered soul is set right; this great change being, as the Scripture expresses it, the renovation of the soul after the image of God—in which self-dependence is removed by faith; self-love is removed by the love of God; self-will is removed by subjection and obedience to the will of God; and self-seeking is removed by self-denial. The darkened understanding is illuminated, the refractory will sweetly subdued, the rebellious appetite gradually conquered. Thus the soul which sin had universally depraved, is by grace restored.