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Sin: An Infinite Evil

William S. Plumer

Tell me what you think of sin, and I will tell you what you think of God, of Christ, of the Spirit, of the divine Law, of the blessed gospel, and of all necessary truth. He who looks upon sin merely as a fiction, as a misfortune, or as a trifle1 sees no necessity either for deep repentance or a great atonement.2 He who sees no sin in himself will feel no need of a Savior. Read more

What is Sin?

Arthur W. Pink

What is sin? Ah, what man is capable of supplying an adequate answer: “Who can understand his errors?” (Psa 19:12). A volume might be written thereon and still much be left unsaid. Only the One against Whom it is committed can fully understand its nature or measure its enormity. And yet, from the light that God has furnished us, a partial answer at least can be gathered. Read more

Saving Faith Rests Upon Christ

Albert N. Martin

I have stated in answer to the question why do true believers in a healthy spiritual state long for the Coming of Christ? I answered by saying: because they long to see and to be with the object of their faith and of their love. That answer assumes that Christ Himself is indeed the particular object of saving faith.

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Longing for the Exaltation of Christ

Albert N. Martin

True believers who are in a healthy spiritual state eagerly await, earnestly desire, and love the return of Christ because they long to see the public and universal acknowledgement of the true identity and position of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Longing for the Final Defeat

Albert N. Martin

The Second Coming of Christ will be that climactic, irreversible, ultimate and final defeat of the Devil and all of his followers and all the enemies of His Church. Any true believer in any kind of spiritual health who has tasted something of the beginnings of the triumphs of Christ longs for the final defeat of all of Christ’s enemies and the enemies of His Church.

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